From Downunder

You know when you sit down quietly to read a book, you’re a few chapters in and you’re visualising every scene in your head … the rooms they enter, the furniture around them and obviously the characters themselves.

When working with a new client and they say “it’s all about getting the right person” it’s kind of the same, you build a picture of who they need, everyone has the potential to look good on paper but what about the real person you’re looking for … do they actually exist?

I hadn’t worked in recruitment long when I was approached by a new client looking for a General Manager for their flagship crematorium site in London, we spoke about the duties and responsibilities for the role, budgets, health & safety, audits, compliance … experience would be great but its “all about getting the right person” … this person not only needs to ensure everyone entering the Crematorium receives the very best customer service and positive experience, in what can be a very upsetting and traumatizing time but they need to ensure staff welfare is high on the priorities too.

I took to my search, got into conversations and focused on finding the ideal candidate, several weeks, calls and Teams meetings later I am very happy to say that not only did I find the ideal candidate, but he started his new job on Monday.

Now a good highly skilled recruiter will hunt high and low for ‘the right person’.

In this case my successful candidate was actually located on the other side of the world!

He was returning with his family back to the UK from Australia.  On paper, he was the ideal candidate but most importantly, from the very first call, he was caring, calming and had a warmth about him that left you knowing he would go above and beyond for you.

Now it may sound as though I’m blowing my own trumpet but why not!

I have worked hard to be where I am today, I am hard working, focused and care about every single client I work with.

I am only here to get you ‘the right person’.

If you would like to discuss your recruitment need, please feel free to get in touch.

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