Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers – Transferable Skills



Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Transferable Skills

I have written this article to provide an overview of the trades and skills which reside within the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.  I stress the word ‘overview’ as it is not my intention to give a detailed explanation but to provide a flavour so employers can gain an insight into the skills available within a niche job seeker community.

Prior to my last Army posting, I attended and passed a 6-week course which gave me all the knowledge and skills to work within Army recruitment.  I then found myself sat in a busy city centre Armed Forces Careers Office speaking with people who showed an interest in a military career.

Back then (early 2000) there were over 140 careers available within the Army and as a Recruiter, you became quite skilled at explaining all of them within a short period of time.

The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, abbreviated to REME, were the soldiers who fixed things that other soldiers broke and this could be anything from a wristwatch to a helicopter.

You can imagine the vast range of military equipment, especially on the technical side, that the Army possess and use within all types of locations and environments.

Trades within the REME include Aircraft Technician (Helicopters), Avionic Technician, Electronic Technician, Vehicle Mechanic, Vehicle Recovery Mechanic, Metalsmith (including welders), Shipwright (working on military boats), Armourer and Technical Support Specialist (technical stores).  Within these groups reside a large number of technical and engineering competencies such as electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, welders and electronic to name but a few.

Engineers and technicians throughout the Armed Forces are highly trained and encouraged to gain civilian qualifications such as NVQs, HNCs, HNDs and degrees which often lead to professional recognition awards and membership of professional bodies.

This is the same within the REME where individuals start off on the tools and they are encouraged to progress their careers through middle to senior management.  Like most military careers there is always the opportunity to formally learn additional skills such as, but not limited to, driving, languages, first aid, instructing/teaching and health & safety.

Underpinned by the work ethic and leadership and management abilities, it comes as no surprise that soldiers with a REME career background are extremely employable.

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