Whole of market

Prior to working in the ex-military recruitment sector I worked as an Estate Agent and the term ‘whole of market’ was a very popular phrase, especially when customers were considering their mortgage options; after all who would not want the BEST deal from all that is on the market.


Now working in the recruitment sector I do not hear the phrase ‘whole of market’ used. This surprises me as I personally feel this is one of the biggest added values to our customers; after all if you are recruiting would you not want the BEST candidate who is available.


The resources that I have at my fingertips allow me to search and engage with candidates across the ‘whole of market’. These resources include our own powerful internal candidate database supported by external commercial CV databases that literally contain millions of CVs costing many thousands of pounds a year to access.


I appreciate there are costs involved when you engage with a consultancy service but I would always encourage you to balance this cost with the end result you are seeking; employing the best candidate in your business.


These are my TOP 3 TIPS when engaging with a recruitment agency:


  1. Has the agency been completely transparent about their costs? Do you know to the penny how much you will pay if you employ a candidate the agency has introduced? Watch for hidden fees especially with regard to company benefits such as company car etc.
  2. Are you confident that the recruitment consultant has a background in successfully solving recruitment problems within the sector your company operates, for example, engineering, logistics, manufacturing and defence to name but a few? Ask about previous successful placements, are they in line with your business?
  3. Has the consultant taken a comprehensive briefing from you with regard to your vacancy or have they simply just requested ‘just send me your job description’? Most job descriptions only provide a flavour of the job, a professional consultant wants to know the ingredients to make the flavour.

All the best

Joanne Foster
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