What is the real cost of recruitment?

What is the real cost of recruitment?

When business owners think of the ‘real cost of recruitment’ they often think of agency fees, advertising costs and ‘in house’ costs like salaries. Over obsession with these costs can mean that we slow down, penny pinch or avoid recruiting altogether. We forget that the real quantifiable cost is different and far more expensive.

I call these the ‘hidden costs of recruitment’ and every business needs to be aware of them.
They include, the loss of productivity and disruption to business operation, cost of temporary cover, the negative effect on team morale as additional duties are shared amongst an already stretched team and, inevitably, the pressure on those directly involved in the hiring process to get someone, maybe just anyone in place.

If you have ever calculated these ‘hidden costs’ accurately you will know just how significant they are.

So what can you do about it?

One solution would be to engage with us; our proactive approach to source and select the very best UK talent within a hidden and often overlooked engineering and technical jobseeker community has the potential to solve your recruitment needs removing the danger of those hidden costs.

Since our inception in 2005 we have developed the largest up to date and constantly changing database of engineering and technical personnel who have previously served in our Armed Forces; a resource perfectly developed to deliver the highly skilled and disciplined candidates you and your business need to set yourselves apart in the 21st Century.

Only Demob Job are so perfectly placed and capable of accessing this hidden candidate community and helping you recruit the very best talent available.

If you are struggling to find your ideal candidate please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your requirement and explain the right ex-military profile to fit your needs.

Enjoy your day and check out my video below:


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About the author:

Adrian Cheesman is the Managing Director of Demob Job Ltd. Since 2005 Adrian and his team have been working with employers all across the UK who are struggling to find the caliber of engineering and technical staff they require to move their business forward.

For a FREE consultation on the specific ex-military profile which would be the ideal fit for your business call 0191 4274559.


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