TOP 10 reasons why an ex-military engineer can solve your recruitment challenge

According to research conducted by Engineering UK in 2018, Britain will require 124,000 level 3+ core engineering skilled recruits each year until 2024 to rectify the current engineering skills gap.

At Demob Job, we understand the challenges employers in technical industries are facing in finding the ‘right’ candidate.

One solution to consider is recruiting ex-military personnel, a skilled and often overlooked community.

1.  A unique pool of talent

Ex-military personnel have a breadth of aptitude, skills and training which are transferable to a variety of engineering and technical roles and can add real value to a business.

2.  Highly qualified

Personnel leaving the Armed Forces possess recognisable UK qualifications including NVQs, HNC/HND, degrees and specific trade qualifications.

3.  Transferable skills

An ex-military candidate can transfer their skills and experiences to new processes; as they have the aptitude and mindset to learn quickly.

4.  Highly trained

The Armed Forces: Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force is one of the UK’s most prestigious organisations and trains its personnel to the highest standards.

5.  Invaluable work ethic

Ex-military candidates have a strong work ethic, bringing the professional core values installed from their military training to the commercial workplace.

6.  Adaptable

Ex-military candidates are renowned for working under pressure and reacting calmly to changes, while still focusing on the task at hand.

7.  Professional character traits

Honesty, reliability and dependability are ingrained in ex-military candidates from day one of their uniformed career.

8.  Can-do attitude

Ex-military candidates typically have a ‘can do’ attitude and will focus on ‘solving the problem’. This is a powerful attribute to possess within a commercial environment.

9.  Flexibility

A military career is not a 9 to 5 job; ex-military candidates are used to working flexible hours and are adaptable to a range of shift patterns and environments.

10.  Access to funding for training

With access to grants and funding through the MOD’s Enhanced Learning Credits scheme (ELC) ex-military candidates can obtain the qualifications needed to support their future commercial career.

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