The recruitment agency with a heart!

The recruitment agency with a heart!

I have no recruitment background nor am I a recruitment consultant yet I feel the need to stand tall and defend my fellow work family and all of their hard work.

Recently I have noticed posts on social media with people’s opinions of recruitment agencies or commenting on posts with such harsh and judgmental opinions. I never actually realised how many people really dislike recruitment agencies which I find incredibly bizarre and wonder why they stick every one under the same category?

When I joined Demob Job in November 2016 I was welcomed into a small close family like office environment, developing our business relationships with companies up and down the UK assisting with their Engineering & Technical recruitment.  I’m not a sales person, I am a people person, I am the chatty one in the office, this gives me the confidence to pick up the phone and engage in conversation with complete strangers, explaining who I am and how Demob Job can help them.

In the past 16 months I have watched and listened to all of my colleagues as they speak with their clients as they gain an understanding of who they need in their business, then being able to search and locate the very best candidates on the market… easy right? Wrong!

My colleagues are not only doing a job, I have watched how they first interact with a candidate they have found, building a relationship, trust and mutual respect! They encourage, guide and nurture the candidates along throughout the whole process, helping them if their CV’s need to be more detailed regarding their skills.  They encourage them to show their worth! The numerous calls, text & emails they make as they keep in touch, updating and reassuring them that they are there with them along the journey.  They prepare their candidates for interviews, again encouraging them to talk about what transferable skills they can offer prospective employers from leaving their military career.  Keeping in touch with them after their interviews and offering support.

I watch how they receive feedback from their clients and how their faces light up when delivering good news, I have watched as they also deliver not so good news.   I have witnessed my colleagues physically upset as they deliver the bad news to candidates as they understand how disappointed and equally upsetting it can be to the candidate.

This is why I get frustrated reading and hearing negative comments about recruitment agencies; they’re not all the same!

Joining ‘Civvy Street’ feels like a scary place, it’s the next chapter of their life coming out of the military.

Thank goodness for Demob Job!  We understand and appreciate what skills service leavers can offer and are here to help and support them whichever way we can throughout the whole process.  Some of us are ex-service leavers and have been in that scary transition stage, it can feel quite daunting.

So remember, be kind, not everyone or everything is the same and life is way too short to be negative.

Kelly Chandler

Business Development Manager
Demob Job Ltd

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