The Engineering Talent Drought and How Veterans are the Oasis

By Adrian Cheesman, Managing Director, Demob Job Ltd.

In today’s competitive business environment, the hunt for top engineering talent can often feel like a quest for water in a desert. With a sharp decline in available talent, spiraling salary expectations, and the growing phenomenon of counter-offers, it’s clear that we are facing a talent drought in the engineering sector.

But what if I told you there is an untapped oasis in this desert? A source of highly skilled, adaptable, and committed engineers that your organisation can access: veterans leaving the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force.

The Talent Drought: A Reality Check

It’s no secret that the UK engineering sector is grappling with challenges. According to the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC), the lack of available engineering talent has reached a critical stage. Furthermore, the rising cost of living has pushed salary expectations through the roof, making it difficult for businesses to recruit within budget. These factors coalesce into a hostile hiring landscape, and it’s tempting to feel stuck.

Why Veterans Are the Oasis

Here’s where veterans from the Armed Forces offer a refreshing alternative. These men and women possess the technical proficiency and commercial qualifications to step into an engineering role and make an immediate impact. More importantly, these are candidates who have honed their skills in some of the most demanding environments imaginable. Adaptability? Check. Willingness to work shifts or away from home? Absolutely.

Unlike many candidates, veterans are not seeking counter-offers. They are leaving their military careers behind and are eager for new challenges in the civilian workforce. Their commitment to their new roles is often unparalleled, and their professional ethic is unquestionable.

Transferable Skills: More Than You’d Expect

Many companies often overlook the rich set of transferable skills that veterans bring along. The Armed Forces excel in providing their personnel with universally recognised qualifications, making the transition into the commercial sector relatively seamless.

Dispelling Myths and Embracing Diversity

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with veterans is witnessing how seamlessly they adapt to various corporate cultures. Contrary to some misconceptions, veterans come from a myriad of backgrounds and ethnicities, making them highly adaptable to diverse work settings.

The Demob Job Difference

At Demob Job, we have witnessed firsthand the tremendous value that veterans add to businesses across various sectors, from field service to manufacturing and engineering surveying. Our mission is to serve as the bridge between this unique talent pool and the commercial sector that desperately needs them.

The Way Forward

As the engineering industry contends with a barren talent landscape, it’s high time we look to alternative sources to fill the void. If your organization is serious about recruiting the very best engineers, it’s time to explore the oasis of talent that our veterans represent.

At Demob Job, we’re not just offering candidates; we’re offering solutions. To learn more about how we can assist your organisation in navigating this talent drought, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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