Successful video interviewing: tips for employers

Video interviewing is on the increase and, as an employer, you need to be sure you’re using this platform to find the best candidates. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make sure video interviews work for you and your candidates.

  1. Allocate enough time

    Despite being online, a video interview should be treated as a standard in-person interview. That includes setting aside enough time for the interview. Even though the video process may be quicker, and you have prepared as much as you can, there may be unscripted technical hitches. It’s advisable not to book back to back video interviews to allow time for debriefing as well as tech issues. It’s not fair to rush your candidate because of a sound issue, no matter whose side it’s on.

  2. Prepare your questions ahead of time

    You wouldn’t go into any kind of interview not knowing what you need to ask! Make notes on the candidates CV and of course it’s acceptable to glance at their CV or your list of questions, but don’t spend the whole time looking down or at a second screen. Maintain eye contact as much as possible – and that means looking at the camera and not at yourself on screen, which does take some practice. A video interview should be conversational and have a natural flow.

  3. Be tech savvy

    Video interviews may require new software to be downloaded and used for the first time. Make sure both you and your candidate have the tech sorted by providing the link info in good time. Advise on any software they may need to download, but try to keep it simple. Many people are now familiar with Zoom, Teams and Skype, but be sure everyone is happy with your choice of platform. And don’t forget to check your own tech is working – audio, camera, ability to screen share if needed and an appropriate background with good lighting. And definitely no filters!

  4. Avoid distractions

    In an in-person interview you wouldn’t have any distracting phones, emails or messaging pinging in so be as respectful during a video interview. Switch off other applications on your computer and close yourself away where it’s clear you’re not to be interrupted. If you have a second screen to view a CV, your questions, etc., make sure the candidate knows this is what you’re doing so it doesn’t look like you’re looking at something else.

  5. Have a clear post-interview structureOnce you have concluded the interview, be clear that the candidate knows what the next steps are and when you’ll next be in touch – and make sure you stick to that. If your interviewing team is remote, schedule a post interview call, or talk immediately after the interview, to compare notes.

Video interviewing has many benefits, including saving time and money and being able to source from a wider pool of candidates. Demob Job can advise you further on the best interview approach for your next vacancy. Please call us on 0333 3445577 or drop us an email and we will come back to you.