Struggling to find employment

All too often I find myself speaking with people of all ranks and military backgrounds who are struggling to find work.

It is important to clarify that these conversations are not just limited to the young person who has completed four years military service but to all ranks, backgrounds and lengths of service.

Your rank, status, experience and qualifications do not preclude you to ‘struggling’ to find commercial employment.

So where are most going wrong?

In my opinion one area that many fall short in is their ‘approach’ to finding employment or to put it quite bluntly their ‘plan’.

A well executed ‘plan’, coupled with a positive mind set, is an extremely powerful and motivational tool in your armoury to find and secure employment.

Unless you are extremely fortunate, work will not come to you, you have to go to it!

So what does your plan look like?

Those leaving their Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force careers will have previously been exposed to detailed planning and execution, either as an individual or as a large body of personnel.  If you have been deployed on operations you will know just how much time and effort it takes to arrive at the right destination at the right time with the right kit and the right training.

So what does a good job seeking plan look like?

I’m not going to cover this in great detail here but leave it for a separate blog.  What I will introduce at this point is having a clear structured approach, based around a daily diary to both drive and record activity, should form the backbone of your plan.  Without it many will feel like they are achieving very little, become disillusioned and at an extreme, believe that there is little point in continuing their job search.

Adrian Cheesman

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