Mission Accomplished, Job Secured

I’m Dawn, and I’m the heart and soul behind the success stories at Demob Job. My desk is always busy and there’s nothing more fulfilling than guiding our ex-military engineers to their next big career move.

Take Dale, for instance.

Dale, like many of you, once donned the uniform and brought an unparalleled set of skills and discipline to his role. When he decided to transition into a civilian job, he reached out to us. After a conversation, where we discussed his aspirations and skill set, I took on a mission of my own: to find Dale his perfect match.

By proactively showcasing his capabilities to potential employers in his desired location, we not only landed him an interview but also converted that opportunity into a solid job offer. Throughout this journey, Dale had our continued support, advice, and encouragement, resulting in a seamless transition into his new role last month.

That’s the Demob Job difference.

If you’re gearing up to swap your military boots for corporate shoes – whether it’s tomorrow, next week, or a few months down the line – I’m here to champion your cause. It takes less than a minute.

Click here, share your story, and let me see if I can help you.

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