Emma Saxton celebrates 10 years with Demob Job

As I am celebrating my 10-year anniversary this week I have took some time to reflect on my journey so far working for Demob Job.

I remember back in 2008 seeing a job advert for a Sales Consultant and thinking that sounds interesting working for an ex-military recruitment agency.  At that I was working as an Outbound Sales Advisor for a mobile phone company, but I was looking to relocate to the other side of the water (South Shields) so applied for the job with Demob Job.

After an intense interview process, I was successful and started back on 23rd June 2008 as a Sales Consultant.  My job role was to call potential new companies, build relationships and explain how we could help solve their recruitment problems.

I spent just over two years in that role then received a promotion to Recruitment Consultant which I was over the moon about.  I had watched and admired what my colleagues were doing helping candidates who were leaving the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force and I wanted to help too.

In October 2010 I made my first placement with a Logistics company, I had helped my first ex-military candidate.  I was so pleased, both to have helped him secure a new job and to have helped my first client secure their next quality employee!

Throughout the next 5 years I helped so many people find new jobs, a couple of them spring to mind.  I can remember when I called one of my candidates to offer him a Field Service Engineer role and he cried on the phone as he was so happy and told me ‘I didn’t know how much it actually meant to him’.  Another was when I was given the challenge to support a local company with something very sensitive where they were looking for several people to work on an adhoc assignment.  I supported them by providing a recruitment open day where we worked alongside each other and found them 20 ex-military personnel to carry out their assignment.

In 2015 I was offered an opportunity to work in a commercial agency which I decided, why not, just to see what was on the other side in the commercial world.  I had spent 7 ½ years with Demob Job and just wondered if there was more out there so I moved on and although it was a sad time it was also happy as I was looking forward to a new challenge.

I spent 18 months building an engineering and technical desk from scratch, it was so tough but I did it and helped many people to find new jobs but there was a little something missing.  It just wasn’t the same as being with my work family at Demob Job and I missed them and the job as it was unique.  Yes, I was still helping people find new roles and careers, but it is not as rewarding as helping ex-military so I knew I needed to go back.

In May 2017 I returned to Demob Job! I felt like a teenager that had moved out of my parent’s house and then was returning home because that’s where I belonged! Since then I have never looked back, I have many new relationships with companies and candidates and so far, this financial year I have helped a few of my new clients with multiple vacancies and found them some fantastic new employees.

I really do love my job; it is so rewarding helping to solve recruitment problems for companies and help candidates find their next new career when they leave the Armed Forces.

Bring on the next 10 years!

Emma Saxton