Candidate Hidden Qualities – Thailand Cave Rescue

Candidate Hidden Qualities – Thailand Cave Rescue

I had not realised until I read an article online over the weekend that a British Army soldier had been directly involved in the rescue effort of the 12 schoolboys and their football coach from the flooded cave in Thailand.

This got me thinking about those hidden qualities that do not always jump out to you from reading a person’s CV.

Lance Corporal Connor Roe gained his diving experience whilst serving with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME).

Connor said that the Army had trained him well to cope with the situation in Thailand, he said:

“They put us in really high-stress situations to test that skill and ultimately it was no different for me there because I was really able to control my feelings and my emotions and focus on the task at hand and complete it to the best of my ability.”

Coping under pressure is just one skill that Connor possesses.  I imagine in addition there was the ability to organise, work within a new team, operate in a very focused and hazardous environment, utilise new unfamiliar techniques and overcome problems to name but a few.

I speculate of course as I was not there.

I am confident that you would agree that all the above qualities are things we look for in the people we employ.  In my opinion that is what makes our ex-military candidate profile so special and employable within the commercial sector.

When Connor leaves his military career I imagine, if questioned, he will have a great tale to tell at an interview.

If you are struggling to find the quality of candidate for your business we would be happy to find out more about your need and explain which ex-military profile would be a great fit.

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