You and your ex military CV

When it comes to CVs there are a few things that do not sit well with me.

It is only my opinion but I’m talking about things like silly email addresses, incorrect contact details and spelling mistakes.

You will also be amazed how many ex-military jobseekers poorly name their CV, like:

  • AC-telecoms
  • Tony-Dec-20
  • Skelly736

Yes, the practise of adding your ‘last 3’ is not just restricted to your passwords.

It makes sense to name your CV correctly as it could be electronically filed on a shared drive and be accessed by more than one person.

Make it obvious to what it is, in my case I would name mine


“It does exactly what it says on the tin”

So, there are a few things to take-away from this short article, but most revolve around these 3 words:

– Attention to detail –

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Adrian Cheesman