Recruitment Consultant – friend or foe?

It is a serious question as I sometimes wonder if people leaving their military career consider the ‘recruitment consultant’ their friend or foe.

So, which one is it?

I recently had to question this again as another candidate, a job seeker with a previous military background, decided that it would be good practice to not attend an interview that had been arranged and for which had been fully prepared.

It is not just the nonattendance that astounds me, it is the complete ‘radio silence’ that follows, the younger generation calls it ‘ghosting.’

No response to my voice mail, text, or email, genuine communication concerned that something has happened in their own personal life meaning they could not attend.

Now, I know that ‘shit happens’ which is often beyond our control, immediately distracting our focus towards more pressing matters that interrupt all our lives.

But I suspect this is not the case for many of the ‘no show’ and ‘radio silence’ candidates.

‘So what Adrian, what is the damage?’

Quite a bit to be fair.

Your recruitment consultant works solely in championing the skills and employability of people leaving their Royal Navy, British Army, or Royal Air Force careers. Educating employers of all sizes across the UK how they are missing some of the most highly skilled, qualified, and trained personnel.

Only to be sat there waiting for a candidate who has no intention in turning up.

‘Adrian, I thought you said these people were good.’

Damage done, expectations altered and professional relationships strained.

Fortunately, the above is not the norm and most consider their recruitment consultant, who, like them, also wore a military uniform to be a friend.

Someone who can offer advice, direction, support, coaching, inside company knowledge, and momentum to securing a meaningful career outside the Armed Forces.

Testimony to this is those who go out of their way to say a simple ‘thank you,’ either in person, by email, by phone, or through that surprise parcel that arrives in the Demob Job office.

Always here trying to help, always here building relationships, and totally focused on supporting you make a successful transition from your military career into the commercial sector.

If you are leaving your military engineering or technical career, make sure you are on our radar.

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Adrian Cheesman, Founder and Managing Director of Demob Job.