Who is in your corner?

Who is in your corner?

I’m not the biggest boxing fan but I must admit I enjoyed watching the Chris Eubank Jr fight on Saturday night.

Early on Chris took a cut to his face and it took all the effort of his corner team, along with his Dad, to try and control it to ensure it did not result in an early finish.  It reminded me that when things do go wrong it does pay to have the right people in your corner.

From all my many years working in the professional field of recruitment, I occasionally see things go wrong. It’s what happens at this point that makes all the difference.

Too many times I and my team hear ‘horror’ stories from companies across the UK who have experienced a poor service from a recruitment agency; took our money and ran, no rebate, was not interested in listening to us, did not honour the contractual terms etc.  This inevitably leaves the company no longer wishing to engage with any further agency which has a negative effect on their business as it will severely hamper their ability to recruit the very best staff.

The main underlying foundation of my business is to ensure that all my team are firmly in the corner of our clients; their interest is the focal point of our service delivery which does not stop when our candidates have started working for you.

One KPI displayed predominantly within our office is ‘client retention’.  This is how we grow our business, this is how we know we are valued.


About the author:

Adrian Cheesman is the Managing Director of Demob Job Ltd. Since 2005 Adrian and his team have been working with employers all across the UK who are struggling to find the caliber of engineering and technical staff they require to move their business forward.

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