Where are all the candidates?

This is becoming the most used sentence I have heard since returning to my desk.

Where are all the candidates?

Gone are the days with clients telling me their only struggle is due to the skill shortage in their local area, now it is an applicant shortage causing hiring managers the biggest headache.

Have you noticed too?

People joke about the ‘recruitment rollercoaster’ and boy it certainly is, from starting the year grateful that our business is still going when others were not so fortunate and then fast forward to springtime where we were crazy busy.

Vacancies, candidates, interviews, and placements all leading to happy clients, ex-military job seekers, and recruitment consultants.

But wait!

It is now July; can the candidates please step forward!

Where are they, what is happening?

It just seems as though all the candidates have gone into hiding.

If this is what you are experiencing you are not alone, it is the theme confirmed by most working in the recruitment sector including major job boards.

‘A lot of people looking but not many people applying’.

Now is the time for hiring managers to start looking at all their options and possibly thinking outside the box when it comes to finding their ideal engineer.

Have you considered ex-military candidates, those highly skilled and disciplined engineers leaving the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force?

I have been working here at Demob Job for almost five years, we are honest, trustworthy, successful, and passionate about our candidates and clients, if the right people are out there, we can find them for you! It is more than a job.

It is more than filling roles and sending off invoices, every single vacancy we bring in and every candidate we support to find their dream role is why we care so much.

These men and ladies who are leaving their Armed Forces engineering careers are amazing! They hold recognised qualifications such as NVQ level 3, HNC, HND, and above plus they possess a vast range of experience making them so attractive to commercial companies.

So, if you are struggling to recruit and looking at all your options then please do give me a call for a no-obligation chat about how we could help by introducing you to a fresh new pool of talent.

Call me on 0333 3445577 or watch my video and send me your vacancy – click here

Kelly Chandler

Kelly Chandler - ex military recruitment