The Scratch Card

The Scratch Card

When I initially set my company Demob Job up back in 2005 I operated from ‘Bedroom #3’.  Accompanied by my mobile phone, laptop and my two dogs I set out to create a business from scratch.  I built the website, designed all the promotional material and started learning the ‘skill’ of being a recruitment consultant.

For me the learning process was steep and I attended any ‘free’ event or class which might help me along my route to success.

One of these classes was about ‘making your business stand out’ and the speaker told a story how one of his previous clients used to send out scratch cards to his customers.  Sat there in the audience I thought this was a great idea, one which I could incorporate with ease and at little expense.

The following week after making a successful placement with an early adopter of my ex-military recruitment service I took a walk, along with my dogs, to the shop at the end of the street and promptly parted with a few pounds on a single Lottery scratch card.  Not content with just placing it in the envelope along with my invoice I created a branded cover letter which I would summarise as:

‘Thanks a million for your business, to say thank you I enclose your opportunity to win a million’

I then carefully cut a sleeve for the Lottery scratch card to rest securely on the letter.  Sitting back and admiring my handy work I was really pleased with the end result believing it to add that ‘special’ additional step to my valued client.

Two weeks after posting that letter I then rang my point of contact within the business, Lucy (I have changed her name to protect her identity).  The main purpose of that call was to ensure my placed candidate had settled in well.  This telephone conversation would play on my mind and still to this day, some ten years later, I wonder what actually happened …….

My call was answered by another lady who said something along the lines of:

‘Adrian, Lucy does not work here anymore, about two weeks ago she came in and collected her personal belongings, explained to the team that she was immediately leaving and promptly walked out of the business’, she continued, ‘what was very strange is that she was acting out of character as she had worked here for a number of years and given no indication of her intentions to leave’.

I never did speak with Lucy again and to this day I wonder if it was a complete coincidence or, as I like to think, that Lottery scratch card was the one in a million.

I did not continue with sending scratch cards and I am still waiting for Lucy’s ‘thank you’ call.  Lucy if you are reading this you can contact me on 0333 3445577 or 07813655898 or email at