Sorry this was not my idea

Like most good ideas, this one did not come from me.


In fact, when it was raised just over twelve months ago, I batted it back and said, ‘Ask me again next week’.


And they did, so I agreed to participate.


So, this Sunday, Joanne Foster, Kim O’Brien, Kelly Chandler and I will be participating in the Great North Run (GNR) with one major aim; to raise money for Walking With The Wounded in order to support vulnerable veterans gain sustainable accommodation and employment.


Over the preceding 12 months, I watched Joanne, Kim and Kelly transform themselves.

‘Silly o’clock’ runs in the morning, running back from work, gym visits and long runs at the weekends.


They said goodbye to the ‘Friday cakes’, replaced with sensible diets culminating in a combined weight loss of over six stone.


Alongside all of this, through many fund-raising activities, they have raised £2,248; not bad as their original target was £1,200.


They are now hoping to double their target and reach £2,400 by Sunday and are now only £152 off this target.  This sum would support four vulnerable veterans over a 12 week period.


Personally, I have previously run the GNR a few times, but this year is different, it feels different as I know how much this means to the team.


So, at this late hour, I am reaching out through my network to raise their profile, spread the word and ask for support.


Whether it is a small donation (click here) and/or a short message of encouragement sent through to either or, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read the above, have a great weekend, I know we will.


Adrian Cheesman

Managing Director