Six questions you should ask an ex-military recruiter before you engage with them

If you are considering engaging with an ex-military, or sometimes referred to as an ex-forces, recruitment agency it is important that you partner with the right one.

Failure to do this could leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket along with being extremely frustrated as you are left with your original recruitment headache.

Here at Demob Job we have devised six questions which we would encourage you to ask any recruiter (including us) prior to engaging with them.

1 – What screening techniques do you use to ensure that you ONLY introduce candidates who specifically match with my requirements?
This is an initial strong question to ensure that the recruiter has planned and proven techniques to minimise the wastage of your valuable time. A poor answer could indicate that you will be seeing irrelevant CVs; wrong skills, experience, location, availability and salary expectations etc.

2 – Can you give me evidence that you have filled vacancies like mine, if so with which companies?
The recruiter must demonstrate a firm understanding of your business sector and to be able to provide you with some genuine similar ‘successful’ case studies.

3 – Are you a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)?
Membership of this trade organisation demonstrates the recruitment agency’s commitment to providing a professional service which meets with all current legislation.

4 – What happens if my new employee should leave within the initial few weeks of starting?
The protection of your investment is important.

5 – What makes your recruitment agency any different from the previous agencies who have contacted me already this week?
The recruiter must give a comprehensive and reasoned answer to what makes them different in order to demonstrate added value.

6 – What is the success rate of your recruitment agency?
A good recruiter will have these statistics immediately available including the ratios: ‘CVs introduced’ to ‘Interview Invitations’ and ‘Interviews attended’ to ‘Job Offers’

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