Our recruitment statistics

One of my key points, when I am speaking with potential new clients, is about ‘service delivery’. It’s not about the number of CVs I send to you it is all about the number of SUITABLE candidates you will receive. This is clearly demonstrated by our company ethos; it’s not about numbers, it’s about quality; right skills, experience, qualifications, salary expectation and location.

In a moment I will share how we achieve this but first I would like to share my current statistics down to the decimal point!

We achieve such strong statistics by the following:

  • We make no apologies for spending time with you to fully understand your requirement, after all how else can we find you the right person.
  • We have over 97,000 ex-military candidates registered on our own database; candidates other agencies do not have.
  • We have specialist software that allows us to match the above candidates against your specific criteria; skills, qualifications and salary expectation.
  • We also know candidate location is important to you that is why we can search and select specific relevant candidates within a given radius of a postcode.
  • EVERY candidate is interviewed to ensure he or she meets with your requirements; no candidate is introduced UNLESS they are a strong fit.
  • We communicate with you updating you on our progress.

If you have an engineering or technical recruitment challenge and you would like to explore the ex-military profile which could help find you your ideal candidate just get in touch.

Joanne Foster
Recruitment Team Manager

0333 3445577




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