Most want to become a pilot

Having worked as a military recruiter within a busy city centre Armed Forces Careers Office I have witnessed it with my own eyes; a good ratio of people looking to join the Royal Air Force want to be a pilot. Sadly the majority do not make the grade and therefore pursue other careers within the RAF.

These careers ultimately revolve around supporting the aircraft both on the ground and when it is up in the sky. I’ve just taken a look at the new RAF web site and their careers are placed into eight distinct areas: Personnel Support (Administration), Medical, Air Operations Support, Force Protection (Security), Communications and Intelligence, Aircrew, Logistics and Technical & Engineering, see

Subsequently people leaving their RAF career have a great deal to offer to commercial organisations of all sizes and types no matter where your business is located. So if you are looking to employ highly skilled and motivated personnel give the team at Demob Job a call on 0333 3445577 or send us your vacancy – click here.

Adrian Cheesman
Managing Director
Demob Job Ltd