Even the difficult ones need filling

During our morning team meeting I congratulated Kim on successfully filling a client vacancy which on the surface presented itself as a very difficult recruitment assignment. We also shared and discussed previous filled positions listing those perceived as ‘difficult’, see flip chart image below.

These ‘difficult to fill’ vacancies come in various permutations; tricky location, unfamiliar skill sets, salary restrictions, tight timeframes and ultimately a potential candidate pool which is extremely small or difficult to locate.

A positive attitude along with a clear documented plan is essential in maximising the ability in finding the right candidate. Without it the recruitment consultant will be easily distracted.

Regularly sharing the time line and processes a consultant has carried out to achieve a successful placement can help all the team, even the most experienced.

Are you struggling to recruit? Give me a call on 0333 3445577 or send me your vacancy (click here) and I will come back to you.

Enjoy your day.

Adrian Cheesman
Managing Director
Demob Job Ltd

Email me at: adrian@demobjob.co.uk

Or you can call me on 0333 3445577 or 07813655898

P.S. Not all recruitment agencies are the same.


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