Marine Project Engineer

A leading computerised management systems and services provider for commercial shipping, industrial and military land, sea and air applications were looking to appoint three project engineers to join their growing team which are predominately ex Royal Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary or Merchant Navy. After experiencing problems finding local personnel with the required marine background and skills, they engaged with Demob Job.

Our consultants met with the company to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role and the candidate requirements to ensure only the most suitable candidates were selected. We utilised our database and external commercial resources to identify high quality candidates with the right skills, qualifications, experience, location and salary expectations.

We provided a thorough candidate screening service and submitted a shortlist of candidates for review before arranging interviews.

  • 14 potential candidates initially shortlisted
  • 8 candidates were interviewed by Demob Job
  • 8 candidates were introduced to the company
  • 7 candidates were interviewed by the company
  • 3 candidates placed

We completed the final selection process by making the offer to the three successful candidates who all possessed the essential transferrable skillset from their career in the Royal Navy and experience in mechanical and electrical engineering. We also provided thorough feedback to the candidates who were unsuccessful to help them prepare for future interviews.

Our client’s technical manager, said, “Working with Demob Job for our technical recruitment ensures we are presented with high calibre candidates from the very start of the selection process, saving us a lot of time in the early stages. In addition to their proven technical abilities, ex-military personnel tend to have many attributes they may not even realise themselves – self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and a natural ability to get along with other staff. This makes ex-military personnel ideal for the work we carry out.”

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