Site Engineering Manager

A global leader and worldwide supplier of high-performance lubricants and fluid management systems.

Demob Job was appointed by the company with a further high priority vacancy which needed urgent attention to find a suitable candidate.

The vacancy, a Site Manager in Scotland, required that the successful candidate have an engineering background with hydraulics, fluids and lubrication systems along with strong health and safety awareness due to the nature of the work carried out on the specific site.  It was also imperative that the individual had a demonstrable background in managing staff in a calm and confident manner with the ability to make key decisions within an operational environment.

Prior to starting the assignment Demob Job completed a ‘scoping exercise’ to identify suitable candidate profiles within the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force.  These profiles were then developed into a ‘search assignment plan’ to map out a clear and structured approach.  This process underpins a successful conclusion, especially with time-critical vacancies.

  • 10 candidates initially shortlisted
  • 2 candidates interviewed by Demob Job
  • 2 candidates introduced to the company
  • 2 candidates interviewed by the company
  • 1 candidate successfully placed

The successful candidate was Dean who had previously served in the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineer.  A strong background in supervising staff coupled with experience working on both fluid and lubrication systems made him an ideal candidate.

“Dean is fitting in fantastically well, I have heard nothing but praise from his Line Manager.  I thank you so much for finding him for us, I believe that Dean could have a great future with us going forward.” Paul, Regional Operations Manager

ASSIGNMENT DURATION: Start of search to job offer = 10 days

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