Former Royal Navy Personnel Bring Their Expertise to Marine Sector Specialist

We are delighted to have helped place three ex-military personnel into Sir Joseph Isherwood Limited (Isherwoods), a management systems and services provider for the Marine sector.  The candidates were previously employed by the Royal Navy and trained in electrical or mechanical roles, with a service record ranging from 7 to 34 years.  They are now employed by Isherwoods as project engineers and write the technical documentation for planned maintenance systems onboard marine vessels.

We started working with North Shields-based Sir Joseph Isherwood Limited, which already had ex-military employees and understood the breadth of aptitude, skills and training they could bring to its company in 2017.

Adrian Cheesman, managing director at Demob Job, said “I’m delighted we could help these three candidates to find the right role with a company like Isherwoods which is respected in its sector and the North East business community.

“Isherwoods really understand the benefits that ex-military personnel can bring as they offer employers an ideal candidate with a number of transferrable skills and qualities including leadership, discipline, determination, ability to stay calm under pressure, teamwork and being goal-driven.  These three candidates all possessed the right transferrable skillset from their career in the Royal Navy and experience in mechanical and electrical engineering.”

Sir Joseph Isherwood Limited supplies computerised management systems and services for commercial shipping, industrial and military land, sea and air applications.

Martin Palmer, technical manager at Isherwoods, adds “Working with Demob Job for our technical recruitment ensures we are presented with high calibre candidates from the very start of the selection process, saving us a lot of time in the early stages.  In addition to their proven technical abilities, ex-military personnel tend to have many attributes they may not even realise themselves – self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and natural ability to get along with other staff.  This makes ex-military personnel ideal for the work we carry out at Isherwoods.”

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