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Six questions you should ask a recruiter before you engage with them … and our answers

  1. What screening techniques do you use to ensure that you ONLY introduce candidates who specifically match with my requirements?

    Our answer:

    a.  Through the use of our in-house ‘vacancy take-on’ process we gather information from you ensuring we have a firm understanding of your vacancy.

    b. Every candidate we introduce to you has been interviewed to ensure he/she has been found suitable for your role; right skills, experience, qualifications, location and availability.

    c. We ask you questions about candidates you have already seen but not offered employment, this provides valuable additional information on candidate suitability.

  2. Can you give me evidence that you have filled vacancies like mine, if so with which companies?

    Our answer:

    a. We are transparent about previous successful placements made with companies that operate in similar sectors to your business.

  3. Are you a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)?

    Our answer:

    a. We have been a Corporate Member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation since 2009; we like to think this demonstrates how serious we take service delivery and conformance

    (REC Membership Number 00075587).

  4. What happens if my new employee should leave within the initial few weeks of starting?

    Our answer:

    a. We provide a 12 week staged rebate payment system to protect your investment.

    b. We also guarantee that a rebate payment is made within 24 hours of you notifying us.

    c. Fortunately this rarely happens.

  5. What makes your recruitment agency any different from the previous agencies who have contacted me already this week?

    Our answer:

    a. We have developed the largest up to date and constantly changing database of personnel who have previously served in the Armed Forces; a resource perfectly formed to deliver highly skilled and disciplined candidates in the 21st Century.

    b. Since our inception in 2005 we have grown to become the leading ‘go to brand’ within the Armed Forces community ultimately enabling us to attract and introduce the very best candidates.

    c. Our candidate talent remains hidden and untapped by other recruitment organisations providing us with ‘that edge’ in locating and introducing highly skilled and disciplined personnel to your business.

    d. Our service delivery is led by highly trained and qualified recruitment consultants who have previously served in the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force; our candidate knowledge is based on real life experience.

    e. We provide the vital bridge from military uniform to the commercial sector with a full understanding of the transferable skills available and how they fit in your business.

  6. What is the success rate of your recruitment agency?

    Our answer:

    a. 53% of the candidates we introduce to our clients are invited in for an interview.

    b. 71% of our candidates who attend a client interview are offered a position.

  7. Are you struggling to find the right candidate for your vacancy?

    Our answer:

    Speak with Kelly Chandler at Demob Job on 0333 3445577.

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